who we are

We are passionate storytellers, marketing communication strategists, film producers, musicians, circular economy experts and scientists who want to do our bit to make the world a better place by contributing what we are good at: entertaining and educating people about a different way of consuming, producing and living together via a commercial social impact movie with strong messages and a strong female protagonist named Circularity.

As you can see below, we have two main challenges, and we want you to help us resolve them:

  • We are still building our team
  • We need to tell this story through a powerful female lens

So, if you have some expertise in fundraising for innovative creative projects or the film industry; if you are running a film distribution agency; if you are a professional scriptwriter, actor or actress in Nigeria, Africa or elsewhere:

contact us and tell us why you want to join our winning team. We look forward to hearing from you.


Right now, we have on board:

Sören Bauer

Sören Bauer

REVOLVE Circular, President and Executive Producer

Sören Bauer is the President of REVOLVE Circular and the brains behind ‘Circularity’.

Dr. Tunji Olugbodi

Dr. Tunji Olugbodi

Verdant Zeal, Executive Vice-Chairman

Tunji Olugbodi is the Executive Vice Chairman at Verdant Zeal, a frontline marketing & communications consultancy in Nigeria.

Olasunkanmi Adebayo

Olasunkanmi Adebayo

Head of Productions at Underdog Productions and Associate Producer

Olasunkanmi Adebayo is Head of Productions at Underdog Productions and Associate Producer of Circularity.

Ade Bantu

Ade Bantu

Musical Director

Ade Bantu is the Head of Bantu and Musical Director of Circularity.

Dipo Adesida

Dipo Adesida

Verdant Zeal, COO

Dipo Adesida is the Chief Operating Officer at Verdant Zeal, a seasoned copywriter, creative director and producer.

Olawale Emmanuel Olayide

Olawale Emmanuel Olayide

Ph.D, JP President, IMAGES Initiative & ACERPiN and Scientific Advisor

Olawale Olayide is the President of the Africa Circular Economy Research and Policy Network based in Nigeria.

Paulina Godinez Estrada

Paulina Godinez Estrada

REVOLVE Circular, Junior Consultant

Paulina Godinez works for REVOLVE Circular and will help ensure the movie speaks to audiences around the globe.

Stuart Reigeluth

Stuart Reigeluth

REVOLVE Circular, Vice President

Stuart Reigeluth is the Vice-President of REVOLVE Circular and founder of the REVOLVE Group of companies, communicating sustainability.

Tobi Falayi

Tobi Falayi

Verdant Zeal, Brand Service & Business Development

Tobi Falayi is Brand Service & Business Development Executive at Verdant Zeal, provides front office support for sponsorship & marketing.

what’s the story?

This first-ever dramatic comedy against the odds of a linear economy will use a broad variety of key elements from the Nollywood film industry and genre, with a focus on drama, comedy & romance. Have a look at the key elements we shall be considering here.

The main protagonist named Circularity will experience many various challenges related to a different way of consuming, producing and living together – in Nigeria, several other African countries and other parts of the world. The film will make use of the Circular Economy’s most important ‘action imperatives’ – such as refusing toxic components in a product, renovating and repurposing a building, regenerative agriculture, repairing electronic products, remanufacturing machines and more. Amongst Circularity’s most important obstacles are the barriers established by a linear economy – including outdated legislation, non-existent regulation and others.

Circularity’s philosophy is led by the United Nation’s five P’s for Sustainable Development, due to which she succeeds: she prefers long-term prosperity over short-term profits, always considers the Planet and takes care of the environment, and prefers Partnerships over competition. Circularity always involves the People around her rather than taking a selfish approach – and all of Circularity’s actions contribute and lead to Peace.

A creative young woman with a unique mindset and at the brink of divorce in her marriage has created a series of business ventures built on rubbish and nearly single-handedly takes over a city’s waste management – after the law has changed.

Join us on the journey of producing the first-ever dramatic comedy against the odds of a linear economy and help make it happen – check out the various sponsorship opportunities and contact us if you want to find out more!

sponsorship opportunities

To bring Circularity to life, your money or in-kind contributions are essential. We have the passion, professionalism, experience and expertise to make ‘Circularity’ happen – as the first-ever dramatic comedy about the life of a young female protagonist with a ‘circular’ mindset, entertaining and educating millions of people around the globe about a different way of consuming, producing and living together.

If you can subscribe to that overall objective, please consider joining us by working with us or coming on board as a sponsor.

Financial contributions

We offer the sponsorship packages below, with their full details and proposed conditions to be published at the end of October 2021. Financial contributions can be either a grant or a loan while we will focus on attracting grants initially to keep our financial pressure to a minimum. Loans that come with good conditions will also be welcome and we look forward to reading from you.

In order to move to pre-production, we need to raise at least 100 Million Naira (200 000 Euro), which will cover our initial investments and allow us to move towards production including shooting outside Nigeria.

Here are the sponsorship opportunities we are currently developing:

  1. Platinum Sponsor: package at 25,000 Euro
  2. Gold sponsor: package at 10,000 Euro
  3. Silver sponsor: package at 5,000 Euro
  4. Bronze Sponsor: package at 2,500 Euro

In-kind contributions

 Circularity needs more than money; location partnerships are required with Nigerian and other African companies with successful circular business models such as:

  • Remanufacturing
  • Waste management
  • Plastics repurposing
  • Designing out waste
  • Biomimicry

Tell us about your circular economy journey and why we should shoot at your location (at no cost).

Other in-kind contributions are welcome and will be considered.

the time is ripe

  1. The linear economic model seeks maximisation of profits in the short term while exploiting and destroying mother earth; it is a dead end. It’s time to educate millions of people about the socio-economic and ecologic alternatives – and the best way to do this is to entertain them with a striking comedy they won’t forget.


  1. Nigeria, and by extension, Africa faces all kinds of reputational challenges; the time is ripe to address these stereotypes, counterbalancing them with African optimism and show that Nigeria’s film industry is ready to produce a dramatic comedy and feel-good movie that addresses societal, environmental and economic concerns in a fun way and in an African setting.


  1. Policy-makers and leaders of international non-profits and UN Agencies need to better understand the power of strategic communication and storytelling – and substantially increase their communication budget lines. Science communication and policy advocacy on sustainability issues has always been and continues to be dramatically underfunded while the marketing budgets in the corporate sector explode – to drive people to buy and consume more linear products with a ridiculous short life-time and which cannot be repaired. ‘Circularity’ will help change that as she will expose the linear economy’s wrongdoings to millions.

The time is ripe for at least three things – which is why we have come together to produce the first-ever dramatic comedy featuring a female protagonist with a circular mindset, and made in Nigeria.

Circularity will demonstrate what a small budget for a dramatic comedy can do to entertain and educate millions of people around the world about the concerns for humanity, the economy and the planet.

Are you ready?

contact us

REVOLVE Circular, collaborating with Verdant Zeal and Underdog Productions as Implementation Partners, are the producers of the movie, Circularity.

If you have any enquiries, please speak to:


REVOLVE Circular
Sören Bauer, President
Vienna, Austria


Verdant Zeal
Dipo Adesida, COO
Lagos, Nigeria