Media owner REVOLVE Circular (Disclaimer | REVOLVE ) – Akademie für Kommunikation und Förderung der Kreislaufwirtschaft und anderer visionärer Wirtschafts- und Lebensmodelle

(Academy for Communication and Promotion of the Circular Economy and other visionary socio-economic and lifestyle models)

REVOLVE Circular is an incorporated association established under Austrian Law ZVR-number: 1372043923

Address: Iglaseegasse 65, 1190 Vienna, AUSTRIA

Responsible authority: Landespolizeidirektion Wien, Referat Vereins-, Versammlungs- und Medienrechtsangelegenheiten

Representative of the association: President Oliver Sören Bauer

Purpose of the associaton

The main principles and activities of the REVOLVE Circular non-profit association (as described in the Association Act) are:

The activities of the association are not geared towards making a profit and have the following purposes, among others:

1. Support of all sustainable economic cycles, such as organic farming, urban agriculture, alternative construction methods, as well as other socially, economically and ecologically valuable areas of impact and activity, by means of knowledge transfer and creating an information flow.

2. To empower people to rediscover their innate desire for their own thinking, to support humanity in questioning the established thought patterns of eternal growth and thereby reinforce the role of society, to promote societal health and well-being through reduced and sustainable consumption.

3. The declared aim of the association’s work is to initiate and implement national and international projects. It aims to raise awareness about the requirements for the preservation of natural resources by promoting values of fairness, mindfulness, environmental and resource protection, honesty, transparency and respect between people and other cultures.


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